MOON'S SLEEPWARES Crib Size Comforter Cover ONLY (47x59inches) (120x150cm) SFDWH120x150-0
MOON'S SLEEPWARES Crib Size Comforter Cover ONLY (47x59inches) (120x150cm) SFDWH120x150-0

MOON’S SLEEPWARES Crib Size Comforter Cover ONLY (47x59inches) (120x150cm) SFDWH120x150-0


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Size:Crib ï¾ |ï¾  Color:Comforter Cover ONLY ‘Moon’s silk filled duvets/quilts give you ultimate sleeping experience. It adjusts to your body temperature and shape, warm in winter yet cool in summer and drapes perfectly around you. Silk breathes, is allergy free, repels mould and mildew, and does not harbour dust mites. Cleaning/Maintenance: 1) Silk filled duvets may never need to be cleaned if you use removable duvet cover. Clean it carefully with a little bit water if you really have to. NOT MACHINE WASHED. NO CHLORINE BLEACH. 2) Regular basking in the sunshine will keep your duvet revitalised and refreshed. 3) Store it in breathable bag or duvet cover in a cool and dry place to protect it from insects and moisture. Specifications: 1)Staffing: Handmade first class 100% mulberry silk. 2)Casing: 100% cotton sateen (quilted with silk floss to prevent from moving around) About us MADE4U has been very successful on providing customers with good online shopping experience for over nine years. *Best quality goods. *Prompt and safe shipping. *Comprehensive after sale service. We have service depots in the UK, Australia, Japan and other countries. Guarantees: 1)First class 100% long thread mulberry silk. not Habutai silk, Tussah silk, or Wild silk. 2) 100% satisfaction guarantee, send the item back for a refund or exchange if not. Shipping cost is also refundable if it is due to our fault.’


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