100% Cotton Snoopy 3pcs Bedset (3, Twin) #5302
100% Cotton Snoopy 3pcs Bedset (3, Twin) #5302

100% Cotton Snoopy 3pcs Bedset (3, Twin) #5302

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Package Quantity:3 ï¾ |ï¾  Size:Twin The cotton bedding is made of high-quality long-fibered cotton with the fiber length of 33mm above. The touch feeling is comfortable and soft. It is natural and environment-friendly without stimulation. In general, the fibers can absorb moisture from the atmosphere surrounding, and its moisture content is up to 8-10%. Therefore, the pure-cotton bedding has good moisture absorption, moisture resistance, heat resistance and alkali resistance. Because the fabric is hygroscopic, it helps touch your skin when sleeping and makes you feel soft and not stiff. The fabric stays water balance at any time to make people feel comfortable. The cotton part in the raw material is made of the best quality cotton yarns that have soft and long cotton fibers and toughness, so the thermal heat storage capacity is strong, and it is not easy to pill. product Dimension:1 x fitted sheet (41×75+12)inches, 2 x shams (19×29)inches


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